Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Judicial accountability

Vande Matram,
link :

We have prepared a slide show on Judiciary. Our intention is to speed up the process of Justice and remove all ineffeciencies and lacunas in Judiciary.

Sending the link (at bottom) to you. This is 69 slides and display will take 30 minutes. Please send it accross to all NGO, activist volunteers across the nation. No activist/NGO/group be left unturned or not approached. put this up on as many sites and blogs as you can... contact as much media as you can... this is new quit india movement which will be in few phases, to irradicate all ills... we will do many more such slides etc.... with support of you all and masses at large..

We plan to make 5th to 9th a four day period where this slide show is displayed by all NGO/ groups to groups of 30-40 ppl each accross the nation AND MAY BE AT A GIVEN POINT OF TIME THERE MAY BE 100 GROUPS DISCUSSING THIS ISSUE....

We want all to conduct and have live debates and opinion. once the program of any group/NGO is finalised email: missionjustice@ymail.com to enable us to give press release. then send pics of the function for press release and then final closure on 10th. with press release of all the activities done.... ideas collected.. opinions... signatures... campaigns etc...

Bal Ganghadar Tilak " Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it". We say " Justice is our birth and fundamental right and access to the system for the same is a bigger right and to have the best judicial system is a common right - lets have it".

A man alone cannot do anything. But if we all contribute to make things better may be after 4-5 years things will be totally different and you and next generations will enjoy the fruits of the same... Dont wait for your friends and neighbours but start it today and right now... "A MISSION FOR YOUR NATION BY AN ARMY OF UNARMED PEOPLE WITHOUT VIOLENCE". Be a soldier of this nation. Time has given you an opportunity to do something for the nation and dont let it go in vain..

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