Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Last evening was a nightmare for many Mumbaikars. The return to home was painful and costly. I returned from Court at 5.00 p.m. At 6.30 p.m. my phone started ringing of friends and relatives regarding closure of train. I too made several calls. There was chaos and confusion whereby some said trains are working and some said it wasnt.

At 8.30 p.m. I left office only to find trouble on roads and in trains. I went to Avocate Anand's Office and Advocate Chavan was also there. We waited till 10.15 for some relief on raod.

At 10.15 p.m. we left the office. By that time about Rs.150.00 was over in snacks (though we had hardly anything filling). We went to marine lines. There was chaos on road and platform. We crossed over to marine drive and for 30 minutes I was running here and there trying to get a cab. Finally Chavan found a cab, but we had 4 people to sit on back seat with no spcae for bags. we were all tight sitting and rotating on laps. There was trouble and pain but smile that we are going home. The cab dropped us at Santacruz at 12.05 a.m. on Highway and we had to shell out Rs.100.00 each.

Caught another cab to reach home at 1.15 am. I was exhausted. Rs.250.00 spent on conveyence and other things. So tired that since morning I am not well. Today the trains were closed and I could not go to office. The loss to me was Rs.3000.00 approx.

I think there were many like me, many day bread earners. But who cares. Some motorman strikes. A minister takes credit odf having dropped all cases gainst the motor men and persuaded them to end strike. A political game for them. But for a common man like me, loss and loss.... which the Govt. doesnt care of 1.50 crore people and loss may be a couple of 1000 crores and at hand of handful motorman. This is inhuman and by meeting their demands it is a pat to inhuman behaviour. But who cares. In name of minority, schedule caste, locals we can do anything and stop the nation.

According to me, the strikers are like the internal threat to nation and a war against the nation for which we must take action. They can be compared to Ajmal Kasab with only difference that they did not end lives ( we dont know if someone died in ambulance due to traffic).

But all forget what if 1.50 crore Mumbaikars go on strike. The government will collapse and many ministers will sink. I am sure it will happen all all these tamashais will have no supporters even in their homes. But when is a question??? how long will we tolarate? We are more responsible, as we bear it all..."anyay karne se sahane wala bada gunehagar hota hai".

Jai Hind
Siddharth Murarka

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