Sunday, April 11, 2010

GDP NOs. and growth

We tell ourselves that, today we are part of a fast progressing nation. The Nation's GDP will grow at double digit. Then industrial growth is high. We have Fortune 500 companies and we also boost of Indian Multi Nationals earning billions and taking over international firms like Jaguar. We have high paid Directors, international schools, all latest gadgets, the high priced Actors, the telephone density growing at very high rate, SIM CARD free. We talk of taking over GDP of many nations and call ourselves potential SUPER POWER. We are BPO power house, IT hub... etc.. etc..

But think of this, if you are having 100 crores and your child sleeps without food/ begging on road/ crying on streets , eyes wet and hands empty, stomach full of only worms and education a distant dream. This is reality of India. Today we have around a crore (my estimate) children who do not have food, clothes, shelter and education. We may have 10,000 crores to protect bureaucrats/ politians and judiciary but none to feed the small children who are deprived of their fundamental rights.

Think if out of this 1 crore even 50,000 start hating us and the nation, think they join taliban who offers them food and some happiness, think if they join Maoisim to take revenge and Justice.. that just 0.5% and that is possible. Then we will waste crores fighting them and crores will be destroyed by these future potential antisocial persons....

Prevention is better than cure. So we need to see that each child gets fundamental and basic human rights and then only our growth will be sustained and future secure.. Else may be my child will be a victim of their bullet.. so what needs to be done????

I am still thinking, I can just feed 2-3 which I do daily.. Thats all I can do, but what about others... I dont know and my heart cries and eyes see a future civil war and I am scared..... The growth even 205 is meaningless as the future is dark and dreadful... I wish I dont have a too long life too see the war in my own house

siddharth murarka

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