Sunday, November 1, 2009


In the last couple of days every now and then we hear voices regarding Naxalites. The government claims that they are planning to wage a war against Naxals. Lots of debates are going on, but how were these Naxals born.

I am sure no one is born with arms in his or her hand. A person must have a motive or an incentive to lift up arms. With most states affected by this movement, I can safely say that it is a national crisis. But who is responsible for it? Well read the constitution of India and you will find it as one of the most fantastic constitution which takes care of every thing and is in real terms a constitution paving way for rule of the people, for the people and by the people... It has all the provisions guaranting liberty, security and also putting the burden on the state to be a welfare state..

But has the state lived up to its duties. I would say that socially the state is a failure and thanks to the years of congress rule. The Government has concentrated only on urban areas where people have means to unite and express, like media and computers. The urban areas is densely polpulated and can is cash cow for politians as they get money from these centres. But what about areas where the popluation of the villages are say 900 to 4000 persons per village. Its in rural areas and villages are far off from each other. Where the basic facilities is a luxury. You will find a police chowky who has control over 10 villages. The Police there thinks they are god as they know that people have no means to contact the higher authorities. These areas are subject to police atrocities. I have no hesitation that as on this date for these villagers Police means a demon and law, law makers and law enforcers are a distinct dream and cannot be contacted. Even if they will contact the higher authorities or law enforcers, these illiterates will be shown the legal formalities and technicalities and will be shooed away...

 No Judiciary member will allow the poor to meet him/her, hear the grievences and take action suo moto... Infact there is no mechanism where by they can reach the Top government Officers...

In that situtaion if a person comes with arms and helps them in getting their rights enforced, then these people will definately support that organisation and person.. That is what is the cause of birth and rise of naxalites... They tell the poor that their rights will be protected... They extort money from rich to arm themselves and stay in between the poor... The poor villages know that if any thing goes wrong they can meet the naxalite boss/head but cannot meet the DIG of Police and cannnot think of meeting Sonia Gandhi or P.M. or President...

Hence most villagers have high regard for naxalites and are willing to lay their lives for the naxalites. Waging a war against Naxalites means waging of war by the state against its own people. The effect could be devastating. Then what should be the action plan. Well the action plan must be to disarm the naxalites, bring them in the main fold of economy and also bring confidence in the masses that the state is a welfare state and all the rights of a person shall always be protected..... Its a tough job. Its easy to kill a person but most difficult to make him feel that he is doing a wrong thing and make him bow on knees without using the arms. If the Government will wage a war against these naxalites then we can see something like a Taliban coming out and destroying the most secure urban life.

The need of the hour is to change ourselves and not to hate Naxalites. We must go into the root cause as to why these people have picked up arms, why the people are supporting and must try to solve the basic problem of the masses. This will build up confidence in the people and I am sure non-criminal oriented Naxalites will drop their arms and will surrender. Then the state can fight the couple of criminal oriented Naxalites..

This exercise will be very painful and will require political, social and judicial will power.... But alas, we have no will power but only wills of our own fantasies. Hence, we must be prepared to see our next generation see the talibanisation of India..........

siddharth murarka

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