Monday, November 2, 2009


Yesterday, the Congress was busy showing how great and inspiring was the Iron Lady Smt. Indira Gandhi. But then we forgot many who had shed blood tears in her regime. Should be pat a person for good deeds or forget the past when it is a mixure of good and bad, I do not know.

Indira Gandhi's assination trigerred a massacre, which not only put India but the entire humanity to shame. The sikhs were killed because two persons from their community had killed the Prime Minister. Such was the hatred that the Congress leaders were on street taking away fathers from children and husbands from women. It was a ruthless act which has scares till date. I would have been happy if the Congress had the guts to ask those alleged to be involved in this massacre to sit at home and retire from politics. It just was a reminder of General Diar who created Jalaiwala Baug and the memories of which till today makes our blood boil. I can imagine that those children who lost their fathers during that riot will have no love and affection for the country and its Government. I do not know when but history shows that revenge and hatred towards injustice is the cause of collapse of empires. After all the Kauravs were destroyed because of the hatred and revenge of Draupadi. I fear that the hatred among the sikh may revive the demand for Khalisthan.

Let us look at more things. Can any one forget the emergency. It was an era of inhuman rule and the masses were treated like dogs and donkeys. Business tycoons cannot forget the nationalisation of banks overnight. The Licence Raj and corruption took deep root in that period and till today we pay a price for it. The piling up of cases started in that era and today we just grumble over things but cant change things. The iron lady made the corrupt babus, the bureaucracy so strong that they still rule the bottom of the economy and cannot be removed just like termites.

Was there a plus in the regime. Well definately. How can we forget the food and dairy product crises which was solved by the Late Prime Minister. The fact is that Pakistan still gets haunted by her name is enough to show that we were at a gaining position against the arch rival. The manner and fashion in which Bangladesh was created was a slap on the face of the fundamentalist and terrorist state of Pakistan. I am sure no other leader matched this skill of Indira Gandhi..

So what should we do, be proud of the iron ladies handling of Pakistan or cry over the inhumanity shown by the regime in her time and after her death... Well I cry over it sometimes but 26/11 makes me proud of her. Its a mix bag of emotions and national patriotism....

Jai ho...

So are we to cry over the bruthless

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