Tuesday, October 13, 2009

what is corruption?

Corruption - the word we use day in and day out. we talk of corrpution by politians, corruptions by police, bureaucrats and now we even talk of corruption in judiciary and judicial accountability. Well, in my day time I must be using or hearing the word several times more than any other word.
I was just thinking what this word " corruption" means and I asked my friends as to what they understood by the word " corruption". The most common answer was that if someone takes money and does a work, which he is duty bound to do even when we do not pay him, then that is called corruption.
Well I defer on this point. Well my view is a rather broad one. Corruption means when a person does not do a work which in law or as per rules he is bound to do then the said person can be corrupt. This means that if I am bound to patrol a street as a police officer but do not do the work and sits ideal or does a not so important work in the police station then I am corrupt. I extend it further, if a person who is bound to finish his work in a particular manner does not do the work within that limited time for no reasonable cause then the person is corrupt. If a person knows that his work which he is doing will result in harrassment to another person and still does the work in that particular fashion then it means that person doing the work is corrupt.
I give a simple example, If I am a police officer and I am given the power to arrest Mr. X after investigation and what I do is I on my own, upon the basis of my feeling or information provided by the vested interest make a report in such a manner that it means that Mr. X needs to be arrested and arrest Mr. X then even if I have not got any favours or any monies I am liable for being held guilty for corruption.
This will really put a tight spot on Administration, Police, Government and even judiciary as then who is to be said to be non corrupt.....
siddharth murarka


  1. In very-very broad sense, you may be correct. But, there is some overlap between corruption and laziness or not-doing-the-duty or incompetency.

    What I understand about defining corruption is - If a person does do his/her duty, which he/she is supposed to legally do to justify his/her position and/or responsibility and/or employment and/or salary and/or remuneration and/or compensation, only after getting some favours in cash and/or kind and/or return-favours and/or xxxxx, he/she is indulging in corruption.

    On the other hand, if he/she does not do his/her assigned duty at all or do it wrong, then he/she is either lazy or incompetent or unproductive. This MAY not be termed as corruption. This is indeed dis-service to the society or employer.

    Rakesh Goyal

  2. i agree with you sir. but over laziness is also a corruption. If I am lazy, then I must bare the fruits of it and others must not suffer for it.

  3. “Power does not corrupt you. Power is a good thing in a way: it exposes people. It is like an X-ray; it shows your reality, your naked truth.”

  4. “Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it's set a rolling it must increase.”


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