Tuesday, October 13, 2009

dance of the democracy

Today I went to vote. All parties were trying to woo me by all sets of formulas. All busy in checking my name and giving me boot number. And all saying " Sir hamara chin ****** hai. Please Aaap humehi vote de aur kisi ko nahi."
After voting I was just wondering is it true democracy. The answer was no. What I want in democracy is not what I am getting today. The questions to my mind are some amazing questions of which I also do not know the answer.
A candidate who wins gets not even 50% of the votes which have not been exercised. That is a candidate who wins gets say 30% of vote casted whereas the polling is just 48%. So in all he represents only 14.4% of the population, which makes a candidate to polarise and divide the voters on differnt lines of caste/class/language/religion etc.
If say 25% feel that these candidates are not fit then also one of the unfit ones win. Why not have a scheme where by I can cast negative vote, that is I reject all these candidates and if the winning candidate does not get more votes than negative votes then he is not the winner and all the candidates be disqualified from fighting elections for next 10 years. This will compel parties to see that the candidate work for more and more masses.
Also I feel that if a candidate does not represent even 25% of the total voters then also he has no right to represent the mases of that constituency.
Further those employed outside the constituency must be given a right to vote in next 10 days. That is if I am not able to cast my vote, then in next 10 days I can go to the office of election commissioner( only one in entire Mumbai) and cast my vote. No one will mind if the said person is put to the cost of say Rs.200.00 in case the vote is casted latter. This saves people who are outside the constituency.
I am pretty sure that if this is implemented, we will have a crisis of leadership and elected persons, but then each crisis brings new opportunities and discovery is only done in crisis. I am sure this will stop the division of the masses into classes. I am sure we will be able to say goodbye to the British formula of divide and rule.
Siddharth Murarka
Note : I have no objection if someone prints my view or puts it up to the nation or the legislature.


  1. Unless the system of Negetive Votting is introduced the tall claim of a so called democratically elected government has no meaning. Just examine as to what sort of democracy we are having. Some one who has absolutely no interest in Indian Culture without even a cityzenship of India decide the candidate for the present majority party. WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA has no choice. Our abstinence from excersizing our franchise has no meaning. Even a mere 100 out of 100000 participate in voting, he wins if he succeed in getting 51 votes. Then all such elected go to delhi praying to nominate some one as their leader. He need not be one from the elected crowd. He rules us. With money and muscle power he can manipulate and get elected by checking out one of our so called elected representative. In a country, where the cityzens have no say in electing its President, Prime Miniter, Defence Minister, Minister for External Affairs etc.,how does it claim as a Democratic Country.

  2. There is a provision u/s 49-O (I think representation of people act) to refuse to vote any of the candidates, offered on the voting panel. I am exercising this and also used yesterday to cast my protest vote that none of the candidates is fit to represent me/us.

    The big problem is awareness about this section. As the politicians and media have vested interest, they are not interested in educating this to masses. Even the presiding officer at polling booth has to search the register but could not find easily. others at polling booth does not know about it at all.

    Rakesh Goyal

  3. well col. I fully agree with you and my blogs are meant to highlight all these issues. I know my criticism are so sharp that a very few can digest it. So instead of going to press and media and beg them to publish my views, I started blogging on my own. Time will tell wether I am a good writer or not. If I am then one reader will canvass and get amother 100 and so on and so forth.
    If my issues touch somebodies heart I am sure he will see that 1000 more read it and comment on it. Who knows that I amy have one of the most popular blogs...


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