Monday, December 21, 2009


I was sitting with one of my clients. He asked me about me, what law I enjoyed and what I think is easy in Law.

I told him this about easiness:

The best position is to be a defence lawyer in banking laws and cheque return laws. Your job is just to drag the case. The accused is probably sitting on the funds captured from the complainant. He can pay your big fees from the interest he earns from the cheated money. But I also said that for this you must make sure that your client must be a cheat and not a victim of circumstances/ complainant or a innocent person. (unfortunately this catagory comes to me and hence I think I cannot be more than Dal Roti).

Next, I said, that you must appear for the lady in Domestic Violence or dowry or matrimonial case. The law is reverse here and the accused is assumed to be guilty and a person who deserves more punishment than a rapist or a terrorist. The lady's father will pay you huge amount as a percentage of the alimony the lady gets. He makes an investment in you whole heartedly. And the best part, make any statement and let your client be a violator of all orders and there will be no action under prejury and contempt. If you can bargain big for the client, manage the police, then, be sure this client will send more clients, friends, relative etc... as it is now a florishing business.
(Unfortunately I am against wommen in such matters and the guy is under so much burden and I am under the burden of my morale and my sympethatic heart)

Then, the other is to appear for a big terrorist or big criminal. Though I am an Advocate,  I did not know the Advocate who has appeared for Kasab. But as on date all of us know Abbas Kazmi. ( Sorry I am not appearing in criminal matters)

The last is to be a cheater Advocate indulging in all kinds of manipulations and Justice doggers, claim your self to be close to many Judges and also have big political contacts... many things more which I cannot even say... (By mistake I was born to a father who did not teach me this and my Senior who also was not in this field)

I replied him at last, I enjoy what I am and happy that I am not doing the easiest job...... My soul is at peace and my heart is clean.... I have no burden on my head... I asked him if he knew or was interested in my ank balance and the answer was NO...

Happy and Go lucky .........

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