Monday, November 23, 2009


Last 4 days or so, I just see all news channel busy covering one event, 26/11, a year ago, an attack which was actually an attack on the soul of Mumbai. The spirit of Mumbai was shattered. The confidence in security lost. We then united ourselves to show strength and came on the street for the first time to tell the world and our Government that we will not tolerate this, that we will not allow lapse in our security, that we will not allow violence to play havoc on our lives. We utterated one thing, we have a right to live and no one can snatch it from us.

One 26/11 shook us so much, as we saw the scenes on T.V. and could feel the pain of the destruction of human lives, but have you ever wondered that 26/11 happens daily, and that too with the aid of law, or rather let me say that law felicitates the happening and equips the destroyer to do so, and then rewards the destroyer with lots of finance. Yes.... that is legal terrorism... it comes to a house, destroys and ruins the family and shakes their soul so badly that life can never be normal... A person who is a victim of it does not even get sympathy and is subject to abuse... The wounds not visible, but soul wounded as if attacked all of a sudden from all sides and when defenceless and unarmed...

It is bad gender biased matrimonial laws. Unfortunately, the Government, Police and the Judiciary play an important contributor and facilitator to this. So easy it is that you go to a Police Station, and bribe a Police Officer to register a false case and then things fall in place. The only thing this terrorist has to do is to make allegations as wild as possible, as dirty as you can imagine, and then take shield of tears, law and society. The combat starts there. The victims are the mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother, sister, niece, nephew, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, you name any relation and they will be there. With one assault many souls wounded deeply. The assault on your reputation, your finance and your thought. I can just say this, that terms are dictated and extortion is then officially done. The terrorist demands and the victim pays in the temple of justice. . and the Judge has (false claim) has got the terrorist Jusice(rather gets injustice to the victims).

We may have shown solidarity with 26/11 victims. But each day this terrorism is killing many... several in a single assault and we turn indifferent to it. We may have a relative who is such a terrorist, but we have relations and sympathy for her, a neighbour, a friend, or may be a known person. How many protest against it. The casualty in a month is much more that that on 26/11 and repeats itself day in and day out. We are spectators.

Our calmness will not help us but will see that every colony, every building and every family will have such victims and our carelessness will be responsible for it. Time has come when we stop and think. We protest and boycott such terrorist, their families and their supporters. We need to unite and resolve not to treat them as part of our culture and society. Our silent protest will unnerve them and bring them to kneel. We need to be with only the victims and the families. We need not support them financially, but can just keep hand on their shoulder and say "We know you are a victim. We will give witness in Court if need be. We will not accept the terrorist in our community, society, religion, group and relation". We need to tell the facilitators and aides of such terrorism that we will not sit with them, not cellebrate any festivals with them and will not accept them as part of relations, society, neighbourhood as they are morally wrong. This itself will be enough to shatter these terrorists.

Let us take a vow now, that we will not help such terrorist and will not keep any relations with them and will socially boycott them.
Let us Fight for the Rights.

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