Thursday, October 22, 2009


We the common people pay taxes. Taxes in various forms like service tax, Profession tax, Octroi, S.T.T., V.A.T, Excise. The reality is that after service tax is introduced I am sure even the people below povery line must be paying atleast a Rupee to the exchequer directly or indirectly. But still we have deficit budgets, poverty, lack of infrastructure, lack of latest defence system etc... Thus we are in a state of shortage crisis...

Today the C.B.I. has raided many offices of the ministry of telecom. The claim is that there was a loss of Rs.50,000.00. This Government is running the loss making Air India out of our monies, and I can say that by this the Government is doing a job of an entrepreneur. The loss is in crores. This not the only unit, many more businesses exist to add to the losses. Add to this all the scam amounts including the P.F. scam where even the judiciary has been stated to be involved. I am sure all this added together must be sufficient enough to wipe out a substantial portion of our deficit/debts. Thus the fact is that the Government is not a manger but a sipnor of our funds and common man's monies.

I was just thinking that if I could get all the swiss bank account money ( claimed to be belonging to Indians and are unaccounted for) then I am sure we would be in a better position than even China. The common Indian has great qualities to adopt socially and economically and are hard workers. Having lived in multi-linguistic and multi-religious enviournment, we Indians adopt to changes very fast. Added advantage of infrastructure, if given, will take us forward leap and bounds..

I think what if the Government decides to merge many of its PSU's. ONGC, OIL INDIA, BPCL, HPCL, GAIL, INDIAN OIL and all other energy companies into 2 mega energy companies and sell 80% shares to public and investors. I am sure still it will retain a say in the management as no single person can buy a big stake in Companies having market capitalisation as large as 3 lac crores. Similarly we can have SAIL, RASTRIYA ISPAT all merged into one steel co., Nationalised Banks into say 6 major Banks having capitalisation of 3 lac crores each, MTNL merged with BSNL. The Government can sell off companies like AIR INDIA, SCI, BSNL etc. All this together will be more than sufficient to wipe out the entire debt of the country both domestic and International and also sufficient funds will be available to the infrastructure and also for updatation of defences...

I am sure major chunk of budgetary allocation is for servicing of debt and if that burden is not there, we will have huge funds for development. Time has come that we see that the government restricts itself to policy framing, tax collection, maintainance of common amenities and defence and stops putting time and energy on PSU's.

But then if that is done the number of ministries and the babus will be reduced, development will be of masses and not of politians and their men.... so the politian says who cares... janta chor hai... humara hi to jor hai...

siddharth murarka

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